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The Importance of Video Marketing

The Evolving Beast

Content marketing is a beast – yes, we said it: a beast. We know it can be challenging to develop creative ideas that capture and retain your audience’s attention, especially since traditional content marketing strategies and channels are not making the same impact they once did. 

With the marketing industry constantly evolving, you must keep up with current trends and effective strategies to ensure that your business cultivates brand awareness, increases customer engagement and experiences growth in revenue. 

To do that, you have to adapt your content marketing strategies. Sounds time-consuming and stressful, right? 

Take a deep breath and exhale – we at Savage Media are here to take the pressure off of you! We have put together a summary of current marketing channels and trends that will help your business not just survive in 2022, but thrive. Here is how.

The Beast in the Era of Social Media

Over the past 25 years, social media has changed the way businesses attract their target audiences. It is currently the most popular yet challenging marketing channel. It forces companies to develop creative pieces of content that will give them a competitive advantage and attract loyal customers


You are probably thinking, “I already knew social media was the key component to creating brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. But how do I create content that surpasses my competitor’s?


No need to worry – we are about to give you the solution. 


According to the 2021 Not Another State of Marketing Report conducted by Hubspot, the most effective form of content marketing is video

The limited social interaction during 2020 positively impacted the increased amount of videos watched worldwide. Businesses that used videos with a conversion element during 2020 saw a 15% increase in their conversion rates. Hubspot predicts that video consumption will only continue to grow in 2021. People are more inclined to watch a short clip than read a blog. Therefore, with video consumption continuing to rise, businesses need to adapt their marketing strategies and create innovative video content to optimize the current trend. How do you do that?

We are glad you asked!

Defeating the Beast

In order to conquer the beast of content marketing, your business needs to create interactive video content that engages your audience by using quality imaging, professional storytelling, and appropriate branding. 


You may be questioning why professional equipment and creative storytelling are vital to your content marketing strategy. Here is why: not only is creative storytelling and high definition imaging aesthetically appealing, but it allows your target audience to see your business as an artistic, trustworthy, and professional brand. 


Curious as to how you can create a video that can make that kind of an impression? We can help! 


We understand that creating a storyline for your video can be stressful. Here at NEON Media Group, we help companies put the pieces of their story together in a way that compels emotion and creates a lasting impression on their targeted audiences. Not only do we pride ourselves on our creative storytelling services that help businesses accurately portray their brand with clear vision and flair – we also offer film and post production services that are vibrant, professional, and captivating.


While we recommend using a professional film & production company, not every business has a large budget to accommodate such activities. However, for every need and every budget, we have a solution. That is why we put together a checklist to help your brand assemble a quality video at no cost! Download here.

If you are interested in connecting with our team here at NEON, we would love to discuss how we can help you create a video that will create lasting impressions, loyal customers, and generate brand awareness.

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