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Savage Ventures Is A Nashville Based Venture Operator That Invests In, Acquires, And Operates High Growth Digital-First Businesses

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Assets Under Management


Enterprise Value Created


Successful Exits

Core Competencies

Investment Approach

Savage Ventures is owned and operated by its partners. Savage Ventures has raised no outside capital.

Full Purchase / Buyout

We purchase assets using cash and no debt leverage. We develop an onboarding plan, an operating plan, and deploy our team and systems to rapidly scale revenue and distribution.

Joint Venture

We partner with existing business to enter a vertical or market that is different from the partners' existing business or product. Savage leverages its platform to build value in the joint venture and retains full operating control.

Controlling Interest

We provide a significant investment in the form of cash and services to rapidly scale the business. We typically take full operating control of the core business as well as supports services like finance, accounting, legal, HR.

Verticals We Love

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Savage Ventures doesn’t view building amazing companies as work. It is what we love to do with the amazing team we choose to surround ourselves with. Our passion is having fun while strategically building self-sustaining businesses quickly and efficiently through data driven experimentation and decisioning. We invest our time, money, and expertise to deliver services, content, and products digitally to passionate audiences.